Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back in the gym!

My YMCA membership went live this morning, so I worked out for 50 minutes. I am extremely impressed with the facility, and grateful to previous trainers for having taught me so much. I spent time upstairs on a bicycle, then the treadmill, then the rowing machine -- and then went downstairs to a superbly equipped weight room that also has Nautilus machines. I finished up with some mat stretching work, then hit the locker room.

My plan is to work myself in the gym until I have the surgery on Thursday afternoon, then give myself a long weekend off and see how the feet are. I start working with a new trainer at the Y on Tuesday morning following surgery, and will do that two mornings a week from then on. James pointed out that, once my feet are better, I will be able to walk to and from my office to the Y as a way to ease back into walking. I guess that will depend upon how fast I get really busy at work. The easiest way for me to be sure I work out is to do it in the morning, before I go near the office, so that it truly gets done.

I may not be able to raise my arms tomorrow, but at least I'm back on the path to fitness.

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