Saturday, July 11, 2009

The next step.

I have been looking around for classes or a gym for some time. I want back the upper body muscles I had until April from my work with a trainer downtown. At the recommendation of my son James, I checked out the University YMCA. Amazing number of classes, a weight room and a machines room to boot. So I've joined, effective the 18th, when they open back up after doing their summer cleanup of the facility.

This means that, no matter how difficult it is to walk for awhile after the surgery, I will still be able to use the weights and a floor mat for stretching and pilates work. The facility is so close to office or home that I'll be able to choose from morning or evening classes.

I was surprised to find that the Y even has personal trainers. I'll start with my own routine and then try a few classes, and then once I'm feeling a lot better, I'll probably try to get with a trainer.

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