Thursday, July 9, 2009

A date with destiny.


Little did I know how appropriate the title of this post would be when I wrote the earlier entry you see beneath this one. I did see the doctor, and he has scheduled me for sugery on the 23rd. The surgery will remove enough tissue on both left and right foot so as to put me out of commission for up to 5 weeks, maybe more given that he's going to be cutting from the outside near the right bunion. I never hit my stride this year on training for a variety of reasons. I know just how problematic the feet are, and I'm resigned to giving up the idea of walking this year.

Though I will not be walking in 2009 , I will be at opening and closing ceremonies to support the team. For those of you who donated to my walk, please know that the nearly $4,500 I've raised will still support the dream we all have -- that of a world without cancer.


I see a podiatrist this evening, to see if he can figure a way to carve upon my feet from the outside. All podiatrists would like to do surgery on them, but I am looking for something simpler and more elegant that would allow me to really train for this year's walk.

Earlier this year, I'd gone to a narrower Brooks walking shoe because they changed the old model and the folks at Super Jock & Jill thought the new model in a narrower width gave me better traction. But I probably should have stuck with the width that served me so well in last year's walk. Last Friday, we figured out that the large ugly odd callus above and behind the right foot bunion is a result of shoes that abraded that part of my foot. And I also have a good sized growth on my left foot as well. So now I am back in the right width shoes. I am hoping that, between the new shoes and what Dr. Berg can do this evening, I will be back in training soon, at the number of miles where I should be by now. Only about nine weeks until the walk itself!

On the fundraising side, I'm only a little short of $5,000 -- so I'm halfway to my goal.

Go Annie!

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