Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post op hop...

I had the surgery on both feet on Thursday after work. I spent that evening and most of the following day sedated upstairs, trying to stay completely off them. Leroy ingeniously pulled up the carpet in the long hall upstairs so that we could roll me from reading room to bathroom in the chair, and in and out of the shower as well. Last night I slept without pain meds. I can feel that I am getting better each day, though there is quite a bit of pain if I cut off the medication completely.

After today's shower, I moved down to the living room. My afternoon was brightened enormously with a visit from Jenny and Ginny, who had been attending a 3 Day Walk crew meeting at REI. The time flew by.

I'm being serenaded to sleep tonight by the band playing for the summer block party. With the medication, it's pretty surreal. They just finished "Runaway."

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h&h said...

Hi Annie, all the best recovering from your operation and getting back on your feet! Kathleen (the younger)