Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sometimes things just all fall into place...

I had a great day at work, starting around 9:30 in the office and ending with a class I taught that ended at 6pm. I did manage to get out and pick up lunch, so that counts as rest time. The rest of my day was entirely normal: a quick meeting with Pablo; two teleconferences; and then finally the catastrophic planning class done via the UW's distance learning program.

I also managed to get the new brochure re-worked a bit, to take into account feedback we've had or clarifications I've made in my head since opening the business. And the ASA intern job description has been circulated widely now as well.

I have a good bit of project work to complete before Sunday evening. And I have a string of calls to return on some future business opportunities.

Life is good.

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Any day that ends with the comment "Life is good" is a blessing. Glad to hear that "normal" has reentered your life so quickly!

Miss you.