Friday, September 11, 2009

All Things Bright and Beautiful -- 2009 3 Day Walk

I will get names here eventually, but two are easy: on the left, Jennine Linn, who had brain surgery this past summer; and on the right, the other Annie.

Penny reading out her punch down list at last night's picnic, which, with relatives and friends, came to an estimated 175 people.

On behalf of the Kindred Spirits team, Jenny Sinanan presents Penny with a gift bag and a card.

Early this morning. Jenny and Penny, both flag bearers, behind stage talking with another flag bearer -- a man whose wife died of breast cancer earlier this year. He has two small children. He will carry the "My Wife" flag in opening ceremonies.

The Kudrna family was right there to support Tracy. She was one of seven or eight women who made up the "Survivor's Circle" this moning, and she carried the "Courage" flag.

Two more Kindred Spirits, Michelle on the left, of course.

Seattle firefighters fielded a team of five. This guy is from the Port of Seattle, and he carried the "My Father" flag.

Here's the back of his outfit, with photos and names of those for whom he walks -- in full garb.

Another Kindred Spirit carried the "Our Future" flag. Here she is with Jenny, who carried "My Aunt."

Pre ceremony gathering of flag bearers.

Here's the man carrying the "My Wife" flag down from the stage.

Here's "My Future" coming down from the stage.

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Carol said...

Annie, what a beautiful photo album you have shared. Really loved your pic of Tracy at Opening Ceremonies !!!