Monday, September 7, 2009

"The last thing one discovers in composing a work is what to put first." T.S. Eliot

ASA is still a work in progress, like myself. I am enjoying myself thoroughly as I work through new protocols for juggling many balls. My former boss said in a note this morning that I thrive when my plate is full. So true.

Still working on regular morning pages for the personal side. I read lots of material and then post and offer my take on a current news item every day on I guess that effort is in itself another form of morning pages. Soon I'll be able to accomodate them both.

I've done pretty well at having coffee or a meal at least once a week with a friend. And at relaxing on weekends, including catching up with professional reading.

I have now completed my second week working with a personal trainer at the YMCA. I can see and feel the difference, especially on energy levels -- and I have also managed to get there on my own at least once on the weekends.

I plan to add a lunchtime walk of around 30 minutes as soon as I am fully healed from the foot surgery. Lots of liquids and fresh air free of gatherings of people are pivotal to my health plan.

My "time outs" never really materialized after the first couple of tries, so that's an area for focus. The idea here is that creativity is enhanced by jogs to regular routines and by spending time in places like visual or performing arts. I had an idea that I would start watercolor lessons again this fall, and need to look more closely into that resolution.

It's difficult to know at this time how impactful the H1N1 virus will be. I have a specific piece of work to finish around bio-events in general, and am hoping to do focus group work if the timing is right. Otherwise, it will be teleconference work. I do know that when I fly to an H1N1 conference in Minneapolis in a few weeks I'll be wearing the right kind of mask.

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