Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sugar is everywhere.

And I'm not talking about sweet thoughts!

As I was eating my zero sugar cereal yesterday morning, I happened to check out the Trader Joe's unsweetened rice milk I pour over it -- 12g! I picked up the 1% milk that my husband uses, and it's 11g. Ugh. And there's high fructose syrup in my English muffins. So I guess I'm going to have to shop a bit more carefully. I know I said I was just going after desserts, snacks and other obvious forms of sugar, but I think I have to refine that just a bit more now. I'm not turning into a sugar cop, but I am going to try to be more careful.

Leroy says the key isues are "fresh" and "not more than 3 ingredients" and "look out for most forms of "-ose" in the ingredient lists. He patiently explains to me that the body can't live without sugars and that they are in all fresh fruits and vegetables. As a diabetic, he has studied sugar in more depth than most doctors, and was taught by an endrocrynologist and a dietician.

He reminds me that Irish whiskey certainly has a fair amount of sugar, which I know. It's the one over the top exception I identified at the outset, along with promising him and myself that I would not become a sugar cop.

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Tracy said...


That Leroy is a smart guy! He's right. There are natural sugars in many things and your body needs those. It is a matter of eliminating or reducing some of the others. When I see you this week, remind me that I have something for you to help with that sweet tooth!