Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost December.

Last week was extraordinary, by any account. There were any number of ups and downs, including having to call Metropolitan Sewer on the day before Thanksgiving. Having James here for such a nice long week was outstanding. We had eleven around the table for Thanksgiving, some of whom are shown in the photos above, with treats from both Iran and India to savor along with all the American standards. Unfortunately for the bird, I did not think to take a picture before the carving had begun.

Then keeping with 25 years of tradition, we had our holiday photo taken yesterday -- Suzie came and snapped some 15 or so photos, any of which we could use. The most likely candidate is shown above.

We are buttoned up for winter, with the sprinklers cleared and shut down, and a nice thick layer of compost on everything. Bring on December!

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