Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving on the way to Christmas

Every year I have a little discussion with myself, which leads eventually to me pulling out just a few of our favorite holiday ornaments....before Thanksgiving has arrived. Above, brass French horn and trumpet with wreath of bells. They've hung in that same place on the fireplace all the years we have lived here.

Here's a music box that Sabrina gave James for his first Christmas. It plays "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."

Front hall doesn't get creche and other items until later -- but there's enough here to let our Thanksgiving Day guests know that the holidays are upon us.

Piano photos and poinsettias....Sabrina and family on left, and Cassandra and family on the right.

Holiday photos from previous years, including the small one which must be somewhere around 1990 when the whole crew was here.

James' train from his first Christmas, with a small assortment of other items we've had for years.

In this house, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday of the year. This year, we will be something like 10 around the table and the conversation will go on and on. I wish for everyone who reads this the same kind of happy and certain day.

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