Monday, November 16, 2009

Giving back.

When I started ASA, I was determined to observe a better balance between the new company and the rest of my life. We talked a lot about that at the Santa Fe think tank. I am honored to be part of the board of the Seattle Public Library Foundation. Together with Friends of the Library, we have been able to lobby the Seattle City Council to restore $800,000+ of the $2.4 million cut from the 2010 budget. The budget for purchasing books and other materials remains untouched by budget cuts. I consider my commitment to the library to be a form of giving back.

Now I've found another way to give back. I have accepted an appointment as an affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington, whose spring campus is pictured above. I'm going to teach once in awhile in the University of Washington's Information School, and be included on selected research projects. This fits well with ASA's Institute for Research and Innovation, but also becomes part of my long term strategy to give back to the region that has enabled me to grow and thrive.

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