Thursday, November 5, 2009

Every day is different.

Seattle is a wonderful place to live because it is such a small town and because people care about one another. I worked early, then drove to Queen Anne to have my hair fussed over my Anna the Bold, one of the youngest survivors I met when I started to train to walk in 2007. Being anywhere in her space just gets all the juices going. She's a pistol. While I was there in the salon, I recognized a friend I had not seen since 1984 and spoke with her....she's as accomplished and diplomatic as she was in those days when we saw one another at the Seattle Art Museum. Her husband was SAM's legal counsel and a role model for me in those days -- literate, funny and a very good attorney.

Then news that one of our fellow walkers from 2007, the cousin of my good friend Jenny, is awaiting more test results after finding a spot of cancer in the liver. Her name is Faith and I hope that name serves her well with what is to come. Eliminating cancer is a goal, but each case is personal, is different, and is heart-breaking.

At the same time, in Connecticut, our old friend Elizabeth perseveres with wit through cancer treatments as well. She is a poet and a teacher, and I hope she will make a book out of her experience. She soldiers on.

This afternoon I taught 30+ graduate students for about 90 minutes. My focus was risk and change in the financial services sector. It was thrilling to get such good questions and to be able to reflect a year after the collapse of WaMu upon the whole situation. It won't take much work to make it a publishable paper.

In between all these events is my regular day, with emails and phone calls and meetings. I would not trade my life for anyone else's. I am glad I can recognize the differences among the days -- that's how I know I am enjoying myself.

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