Monday, December 21, 2009

On my knee.

I have had several physical mishaps in the last 18 months, and struggle now to make optimistic mental inferences. I only recently recovered from several months of putting up with a strained right knee. On Saturday, I went up and down stairs and shorter library steps to move 100 or more books in my husband's library. No sweat. Last night, I twisted my knee at a holiday open house (wearing flats, not heels) by moving sideways out of a doorway. Now I have an unreliable and unstable right knee. I have it wrapped and iced. Tomorrow morning, I visit my orthopaedic specialist to see what I have done, and what I now need to do about it. I am sick and tired of having ailments that slow me down, especially when I have deliverables looming for clients.

Because I am such a good little soldier, I went to my office this morning and packed up all my files and my little laptop so that I could work here at home with the leg propped up. For how long, I don't know. I'll just wait and see what Dr. Daly says.

It is probably important for me to remember that at midnight the earth turns back toward the light. It is the winter solstice today, the longest dark night of the year.

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