Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Travel is exhilarating.

Though it took a full day to get to Providence, I'm thrilled that I made the trip. The Shared Assessments Summit, sponsored by BITS/The Financial Services Roundtable, was a 1.5 day content rich networking experience. The financial firms that usually attend were joined this time by healthcare risk managers, so that truly enhanced the dialogue. The panel that Dave Cullinane from eBay and Niall Browne from Live Ops and myself did on cloud computing provoked many questions and lively debate.

I am sitting now in the Providence airport, on my way to Baltimore and Annapolis, then will fly back to Seattle late tomorrow. Getting out of the office for four days has reconfirmed the rightness of the work I do, and provided some additional clarity on how to explain it.

There are overlaps between what the shared assessments program and ASA do, at least in the areas of vendor assurance and around infosec, business continuity and privacy controls. It's given me some ideas about how to push the envelope a bit further.

Now it's on to Annapolis meetings tomorrow morning.

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