Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Made to Stick

I read an amazing short book last weekend called Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. For those who spend time thinking about simplicity and elegance, this is a good read. In the stories and examples it uses, it reminds me why I care so much about what I do for a living. But the pictures here are about what I see in the world rather than what I get paid to think and talk about.

An early Saturday morning trip to Swansons Nursery set me up for success on a cool and rainy day. I was able to fill up my pots with some new color spots, including these gorgeous purple petunias.

I'm just about ready to call for a garden coach to learn just when to prune or cut back. Parts of the garden are incredibly overgrown because I dither.

Something fractured the image above, not sure why or how....but it looks even better this way, I think. The pot is one that Lauren and James gave me with a bag of bulbs one year for Christmas. The brick stand is one of two I purchased one year at a Roosevelt Jazz Band auction. And the lady in the stone circle was a birthday present one year from Diana and Hazard.

I'll close with heather growing on top of another kind of heather. I am pleased it looks so well in the back yard because our Argentinian friend Luba is making our basement flat her base of operations until the 26th. George Herbert said that "the best mirror is an old friend," which reminds me not only of Luba but of the friends I visited on my train trip a year ago.

My garden is made to stick.

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