Tuesday, November 16, 2010

With James in Albany.

We arrived in Albany on James' 26th birthday, after a red eye flight. If we look a little goofy in this picture, it's because we've had roughly four hours of sleep. We went to dinner with James and two of his friends at an excellent bistro that was able to produce this extremely rich brownie with whipped cream. No candle, no cake, per James.

His apartment is on the second floor and he will be able to grow a small garden in the spring just above the bay window. It is a tiny apartment compared to his Pittsburgh place, but he appears to have everything he wants or needs in the space. It's got lots of light in both the living room and the bedroom too.

On Sunday we visited the SUNY Albany campus, which is very large and designed in great part by one architect, evidently the same architect who did the Pacific Science Center here in Seattle.
James is thriving here, as a teaching assistant while pursuing the PhD in English; and as one of the leaders of a student group making proposals to the administration on budget challenges.

James and his father. The parallel lines above his left ear come from a mistake made during a hair cut, turned into a fashion statement.

Another of the guys. We toured the whole quad complex and were able to see his office as well.

The trees on the campus are spectacular. Both oak and birch trees were still in color.

As I flew back yesterday, I thought about how very lucky we are to have produced such an interesting person. He is as proud of us as we are of him.

George Bernard Shaw, the great Irish playwright, says that "Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

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Jenny said...


I've been waiting to read this birthday post, and eager to see snaps of you, JHSS, and Leroy together. I have long admired the mutual reverence shared among you. James is a reflection of the goodness that resides in you and Leroy, yet, very much his own person, truly, from day one.

And James, I love the lines! It took me back to a haircut snafu of Josh's when he was in Kindergarten. The guard popped off the razor and the stylist carved Josh's scalp pretty hard! He quipped, "It's OK; I'll just wear my baseball cap until it gets better."