Monday, November 22, 2010

A snowy day in Seattle.

I took these photos around 9:30am in the courtyard outside my office. It is very cold and snowing off and on all day long here in Seattle.

Intermittent power outages are predicted as well as winds up and down during the next several days. Snow is a big deal in Seattle, amusing for one who grew up in Iowa and then spent seven years in Rochester, New York, where the snowfall the last year we lived there was over 120".

Or it may just be that Northwesters know how to appreciate the light and quiet that comes with snow, making today a special day for all of us. Things slow down a bit. It's a great way to kick off the week that marks Thanksgiving. I'm glad I unpacked some of the holiday decorations this past weekend, just enough to make the house festive for Thanksgiving Day, our favorite holiday of the year. There will be ten of us for dinner.

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