Monday, May 9, 2011

Inspiring Hope 2011

There are no words necessary to describe the joy and pleasure of friends who meet to do good works. On Saturday, we participated in the second annual "Inspiring Hope" 5k/10k walk run to benefit the Komen Foundation.  It is estimated that we raised around $5,000 -- and had a pancake breakfast after the event as well.  Here are a few photos.  You can see from the smiles that we are all happy to be a part of this event.

 Carol Frombach Salo and Ginny Douglas, both survivors, and both 3 Day Walkers.

 No rain, just a bit of chilly wind as the runners begin to line up.

 Runners could opt between 5k or 10k races.

 Here's the event organizer and captain of the Kindred Spirits 3 Day Walk team, Penny Kellam.

 Thanks to Ginny, I am able to tell you that William Kline is the guy in the kilt, who has been walking in 3 Day events since at least 2007, when I first walked.  To  his left is my dear friend Jenny Sinanan in the purple coat.

 We loved these young people and their signs, waving the participants onto the course and welcoming them back.

 Penny invites the walkers to take the course.

 And out they go!  (I played photographer, to spare my right knee.)  ASA Risk Consultants is one of the gold sponsors of the event.

 Coming back in.  He always walks with a pack and in these heavy boots.  Great legs!

 Here is Jenny coming in, wearing her University Street Fair hat that makes everyone smile.

Carol and Ginny cross the finish line without breaking a sweat.
Friends forever left to right:  me, Jenny Sinanan, Lynn Matthews, Ginny Douglas and Carol Frombach Salo.


Carol Salo said...

Annie, having met you and my KS friends has brought me an incredible amount of joy.

A good day was had by all of those inspired by hope !!!!!

Jenny Sinanan said...

You did an extraordinary job, Annie, of capturing the spirit of the day. Thank you for your generous sponsorship and for your unflagging commitment to the cause.

To our health and friendship!