Monday, May 9, 2011

Such a great neighborhood!

Our neighbors Jo and Charlie Voss have for years invited all of us in the neighborhood to their home on the first Friday of every month.  Folks bring food or drink and relax over conversation.  I spent only about an hour last Friday, but it was long enough to get a photo of an early version of Jo's table, set to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a day late...more and more food just keeps appearing as the house fills up.  This is one of several wonderful traditions in our neighborhood.

On Wednesday evening, I'm one of a number of residents attending an orientation for the Seattle Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP) implementation in our Ravenna neighborhood.  I'll be responsible for the 12 homes on one block of 19th Avenue -- ensuring we have contact information and also can assist any neighborhood residents who might need extra help during an emergency event like a power outage or an earthquake.  I like taking what I know professionally and applying it locally.

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