Friday, July 15, 2011

Family photographs.

I am working at what feels like snail's pace to scan the thousands of photos that we've collected over the years. I have managed to get some of the more memorable of them re-framed and on the wall of my former study, now called "The Snug."  It's where we moved our reading chairs and small television when I moved my office into the front dormer.
Cassandra and Sabrina, pictured above, in earlier years,  can attest to my years of working with a camera, and to the boxes of photos I've got tucked away in various spots of the house.This is a first effort to take studio photographs and others that we especially love and get them displayed.

You can see that I have whole walls I have not yet touched, so there is more to come.  Just getting out the boxes of framed photos alone is a large project -- I'm doing it that way on the assumption that I never put a photo in a frame unless it was exceptional -- and one that will take at least the rest of the summer.

I like looking at the years spanned by the photos.  It's where we have been to get where we are.  And there will always be new photos.

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