Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gardens and their keepers.

 I fancy myself to be a better gardener than I am.  But I so love the role and the garden gives me so much visual pleasure that I keep at it.  And gardening, like walking, is a wonderful means to think through and solve problems.   Above: small rockery to left of our driveway.

You can see from this photo of the front rockery that my rosemary bushes came through the cold winter just fine, with a bit of pruning of deadwood. I have had tendonitis of the left elbow since late April, which makes me a one handed gardener this year.  Since it's really impossible not to use your left arm as support or to gather, every time I try to garden with one arm I set myself back in terms of elbow recovery.

This lemon wreath for the front porch was purchased rather than made this year, as was the large cleanup effort undertaken in both front and back gardens by Antonio Silva. 

So here's a view of the back garden, cleaned up, with Peruvian Lilies blooming madly.  They have been in the garden for as long as we have lived here.

Gardens are a whole world unto themselves, and gardeners are a special breed.  I have run out of things to say about my garden, but I will never get tired of looking at it.

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John Bullivant said...

Sorry to hear about the tendonitis, that does make it more challenging to do garding jobs. The gardens look lovely - the front rockery looks nicely mature with a good balance between the plants and the rock wall.