Tuesday, June 21, 2011

East Coast Travels June 2011

James Searle and Jackie Hayes in front of one of the New York Public Library's famed lions.  Though the library was closed (budget cuts), we were able to sit outside and talk before we made our way to the Museum of Modern Art, also known as MOMA.

Rodin's Balzac is in the lobby of MOMA.
We were not allowed to photograph sixth floor exhibits -- a pity because they included a German Expressionist show as well as a brilliant exhibit featuring the work of Francis Alys, a Belgian architect who moved to Mexico, --  but here are some images from a wonderful show on second floor of MOMA.
Another piece in the African show at MOMA.
Printmaking and photography combined, MOMA African show.
The Jane Hotel in Greenwich Village, one of the most interesting hotels in the city.  It's only a short shot down the West Side Highway to the Financial District.  And I could walk a mile or so to NYU from the hotel.
Lobby of the Jane Hotel.
Safe in lobby of Jane Hotel, a former seamans' home.
Jane Hotel, head of "berth."
View of foot of my berth -- a tight but very workable space.
Ground Zero Construction.
Ground Zero is a bustling place.
View from the deck of the NYU Law School.
View into the summit room with its technology.
Shot from the train, on my way to Baltimore.

I'm sorry that I don't have any photos from my weekend visit at my sister's home in Princeton with its beautiful gardens.  And apologies for the small photos, too!  Next time, I'll upload everything from my iPhone right away rather than have to copy them down from Facebook after the fact.

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