Monday, November 7, 2011

Where is our daydreaming time?

I found this clipping to post to my home town Facebook site -- and got a comment back from an old friend asking why we don't have more time anymore to daydream or just pretend.  I think she was talking primarily about over-programmed children, but it got me thinking about how most of us fill every moment of our waking adult time with lists, and then produce the list on a site like Facebook as evidence of accomplishments.

 In the photo, we are playing dress-up in a playhouse on my Uncle Jim's farm, built for us by his son and my cousin, Jim Hayes. It must have been a Sunday afternoon or my sister would not have been so dressed up.  We loved going to the farm, and then on out into the grove, which held pets' graves as well as the playhouse.  No one bothered us there, and we constructed elaborate scenarios and characters for ourselves.  

A couple of years ago I set myself some goals that were designed to give me time to refresh and renew my spirit:  I only read email twice a day on the weekends.  I schedule my personal training in the gym and my yoga class on my business calendar.   And I leave large chunks of time, usually in the evening, so that I can do exactly nothing.  That's right, nothing.   Not watching TV, not catching up on business reading, or indulging in a detective novel.  Nothing.  Nada.  Just quiet time for my mind and spirit, ironing out the day's kinks.

Sort of like being back out in the playhouse.  And still dreaming big.

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Jenny said...

Wonderful, Annie, and such an enticing invitation. To unstructured time, and to dreaming: salute!