Thursday, February 28, 2013

House proud

Exterior being painted, June 2006

In between running my business, preparing for upcoming conferences, writing articles and being a teacher, I've been spending a little time freshening up the house for our visitors from Paris who arrive tomorrow.  It's been nearly seven years since we finished renovating the house, but it seems like yesterday.  Here's a picture of the new back of the house, where Leroy's study is bumped out by ten feet and where you can see the entirely new second floor with front and back dormers.

June 2006
The one area of the house that is almost ready for a renovation is the basement flat, though I suspect it will be perfectly acceptable as a self-contained guest space -- complete with kitchen and other amenities that allowed us to live down there for a full year while the renovation was taking place upstairs --  for another year or so.  It's cozy.  And it's ready for our guests....

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