Thursday, March 20, 2008

Turn me loose.

My back is still very tight, but I went to see my trainer Amy this morning. She took me through 30 minutes of stretching and exercises designed to loosen it up. I followed up at noon with a visit to my chiropracter, who spend about that same amount of time lining my vertebrate back up and pounding the left back side of my pelvis back into place. It feels better some now, but is still very tight. I want to be well enough to walk in Everett on Saturday morning. This is the same argument I had with myself last Friday/Saturday: should my ambition to get started in training supercede my caution that I will hurt myself more if I don't take the time to truly get better before I start? I guess the more practical question is whether or not my left foot will go into the shoe on Saturday morning.

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