Friday, July 27, 2012


 Over the ten years I worked at Washington Mutual, we worked hard and we often played hard, especially if it was to raise money for United Way.  These photos are from the 2007 Zucchini Car Races, which pitted execs and staff against one another for silly prizes, and to kick off the annual campaign.  Washington Mutual matched every employee's contribution to United Way, and enabled the donation via payroll deduction. Above, CIO Deb Horvath listening to the referee before racing.
Here Deb races Retail Bank exec James Cameron, a Brit.

Corporate Communications exec Ann Shannon races Karen Pierce from my team.

Here, CTO Pia Jorgensen beats CIO Deb Horvath.
In pre-WaMu Center days, we raced on the roof at Second & Seneca.  Here, Infrastructure exec Mike Spalter (a la Jerry Garcia) and myself (Princess of Darkness, per this photo and previous photos) face off.
I have always been extraordinarily proud of the teams I led.  Here a photo of some of the team at Al Wilson's Bon Voyage Party on the roof of WaMu Center. 
Here's another picture of the Enterprise Risk Services Seattle team (2007?), with the projector's blue light cutting across our eyes.

I thought I'd post these tonight before I attend the last Washington Mutual Alumni Group Emergency Assistance potluck at the Museum of History and Industry.  Seeing this many former Washington Mutual folks is always, always bittersweet.

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