Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy anniversary to ASA!


It hardly seems possible that we launched Annie Searle & Associates LLC (ASA) five years ago today.  I have posted some pictures from the launch on the Advice From A Risk Detective website.  Here I wanted to reflect briefly on how much I owe to a large network of colleagues across the globe, who have complementary interests in risk in general;  in how technology has impacted ethics, policy and law, particularly in the workplace; in privacy as subject matter in and of itself; and in security, both the physical and the information aspects. 

Our world is changing rapidly, and so is ASA's.  Initially, we thought most of our practice would be consulting work with an occasional bit of public speaking. In the past three years in particular, that's shifted somewhat to make room for writing books and articles; and for teaching graduate students at the University of Washington's Information School. 

Next month, we'll have a couple of announcements to make, not the least of which has to do with opening a wider access point for those who wish to write on risk-related topics for what will be Volume III of Reflections on Risk.  As of last February, we have published 48 research notes through these volumes.  Another 13 have since been published on our website since Volume II.  I consider this more than satisfactory progress toward beginning to influence how experts think about real world risk, and what solutions might be proposed to better handle them.

As I said, more announcements next month!

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